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The Excitement is Building...

David Leite Custom Homes began as a construction company focused on delivering something that was lacking in the Dallas home building market: service with a smile, coupled with a passion for building high-quality homes, employing true artisans for each step of the process. The end result? Homes built with every detail in mind and carefully monitored for quality along the way. Not to mention individual floorplans and design meant to develop residences that are truly unique and one of a kind.
Guess what? We discovered that our formula works. This results in clients that are not only thrilled with the final product and design, but families that can sleep soundly at night knowing their homes were built to a higher degree of consideration, with attention to detail, and the latest construction technology to provide energy efficiency and structural integrity.

Your custom home should last forever, the design should be timeless, the spaces inspirational, and the floorplans functional. To accomplish this our team consists of the top architects, designers, engineers, and craftsmen in the DFW. 

When we work together and collaborate on your home the result will be something special… one of a kind.  From traditional to transitional, modern to contemporary, ranch-style to farmhouse, we have you covered.

Share your dream home with us, and let us handle the rest.


David Leite

“Another day in paradise” – if you ever spend any time around David you will hear him say this on almost a daily basis. It’s truly a blessing from God to be able to live your passion for architecture by building homes for families. With a BBA in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship from Baylor University, David started his construction career designing and managing the installation of complex energy management systems for school districts and municipalities throughout the southwestern United States. This ultimately evolved into opportunities in residential and commercial construction.

David Leite Custom Homes was born from the simple concept of providing its clients with highest quality service, exceptional craftmanship and an enjoyable construction experience. Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps, David’s leadership and team mindset allowed him to build a company that demands honesty, accountability and professionalism from its employees and trades. When David isn’t on your jobsite you’ll likely find him with his wife, Christine, and two kids enjoying any number of sports, fishing or cycling.

Christine Leite

Every thriving business has its “secret weapon” – meet Christine Leite.  Christine immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea at age 18 to professionally study Piano at Southern Methodist University. After building and selling a successful small business, she dove into a career in real estate.  She brings 15 years of experience in commercial real estate investment and residential development as well as a natural knack for interior design.  Her skills in land purchasing and site selection, coupled with her honest approach, positivity, and integrity make her invaluable to the overall success of the company.


Christine loves her work, but her passion for her family can’t be surpassed.  Every minute outside of the office is devoted to her husband and two children, filled with baseball tournaments, soccer practice, and cooking her family’s favorite Korean specialties.

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